Hi, my name is Fiona B. :)

This channel is meant to support and champion anyone who is having relationship issues with a long term partner. There are a lot of people out there feeling unhappy and stuck in their relationship and in life. They might feel lonely and longing for love – tangled up in their habitual attachment with various degrees of unhappiness. They could have been pushed to lie or cheat in order to make their stale marriage bearable. Many are considering a separation or a divorce, and possibly even have made the initial decision, but are unclear and fearful about what the future holds. Some people are already going a full-steam ahead and or possibly getting over the divorce or a separation with a long term partner and are looking to find a new love or a renewed purpose.

I experienced these struggles and watched many friends deal with similar issues. Yet we are labeled the “broken” ones. We are the less-than-perfect or even down-right “dysfunctional” and until we fix or get a new “perfect” family or relationship, we are doomed to feel inferior and ashamed. We want to be good, and even perfect and, when our life, desires, problems, relationship with our partner has grown cold over time, what are we to do? So much love and respect has been lost. What can we do?

This is what I want to talk about; about our fears, feelings, issues, trials and tribulations, real family life – all of which is NOTHING to be ashamed of. And even if our marriage or a long term partnership is already dead and ready for the divorce graveyard, there is no failure or shame in that.


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